An initial consultation with Mr Thompson at Ultravisage aesthetics to discuss suitability for cosmetic injections is free of charge.  There is absolutely no obligation to proceed with treatment unless you are completely certain.

Detailed costs will be provided after the consultation.  The following fees are indicative costs.


Facial Wrinkle reduction Botox treatment - Fixed rate all-inclusive package fee £150 - 280.

Many clinics offering cosmetic injections base their fees for Botulinum toxin treatment on number of sites treated.   However this can sometimes lead to uncertainty and uneven results.  Therefore at the present time, Ultravisage charges a fixed rate fee of £280 regardless of the number of site treated.  ie. You can have forehead,  frown lines and crows feet all treated as required for the best possible result.   This covers a full 50 units genuine Botox which is ample for virtually all clients.  You can therefore be assured that you are receiving the correct amount to achieve the optimum cosmetic effect.

"Mini Botox" - a half bottle treatment for a gentle effect or introduction to the improvement that Botox can give.  Ideal if you require subtle improvement to all areas of the upper face or focused treatment to a particular facial area - only £150 for genuine Botox

Excessive perspiration Botox treatment - Fixed rate both underarms, all-inclusive fee  £450


Dermal filler treatment - £280 for 1ml syringe Juvederm Volift or Restylane - £160 for 0.5ml

Dermal fillers are normally charged according to the amount of substance used and typically there is a fee per syringe.  Currently the fees for Juvederm and Restylane®  are -

1ml syringe - £280       

extra 1ml syringes - £260 each

"mini filler" - 0.5ml   £160

Quotes for alternative filler types available on request.

Treatment fees are payable on the day of treatment by cash, credit or debit cards.

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